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The studios are near to the enchanting beaches of Parasporos and Agia Irini. All the studios are equipped with their own personal bathrooms, kitchen refrigerator, TV, air condition, hair dryer and safe box .The studios have private verandas in the garden. Other amenities include garden with BBQ, free transfer to and from the port/airport, free and secure parking, car and motorbike rental service. The main road is 100m below, from where it will take you about a 15-minute walk to go to Parasporos beach, one of the nicest beaches in Paros. The studios are nearby the Punda’s Kite Surfing activities.


Greek Translation

Τα Mirsini studios – πλήρως ανακαινισμένα- συνδυάζοντας τη φυσική ομορφιά, την απεριόριστη θέα στον κόλπο της Παροικιάς και την παραλία του Παρασπόρου, διαθέτουν όλα ατομικό μπάνιο-WC, κουζίνα εξοπλισμένη, ψυγείο, τηλεόραση, κλιματισμό, σεσουάρ, χρηματοκιβώτιο. Μεγάλος κήπος με παραδοσιακή ψησταριά (μπάρμπεκιου), ιδιωτικό παρκίνγκ. Τα στούντιο βρίσκονται περίπου 500μ. σε ευθεία από την κοντινότερη παραλία (Παρασπόρος) και πολύ κοντά στις δραστηριότητες Kite Surfing στην Πούντα. Δυνατότητα ενοικίασης αυτοκινήτων και μότο.





Mirsini Studios are ideally located on a hill overlooking the bay of Parasporos. To reach the studios from Parikia (the main harbor - 2.5km away), you take the coastal road going south, direction Aliki or the airport You pass the bay of Delphini then the bay of Parasporos. At this point you should be able to see on the hills on your left MIRSINI STUDIOS written in big red letters. You will see as well a sign on the main road that indicates the path that will lead you, about 100 meters further, to the studios. The studios are 500m. from the nearest beach and Punda’s Kite Surfing activities are nearby.




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